Watch Mind Over Murder (2022) – HBO Review And MP4 Trailer | Download


Watch Mind Over Murder (2022) – HBO Review And MP4 Trailer | Download

Six episodes make up the new HBO docuseries MIND OVER MURDER. Even though each episode frequently takes an absurd turn, they are all based on real crimes. Or perhaps the main focus is on how the crime was solved and who ended up in jail. Although I was hooked right away, by episode three I was sure it couldn't get any wilder.

Who was it that killed and viciously raped Helen Wilson, age 68, in Beatrice, Nebraska? Depending on who you question, people typically have very specific responses. There were so many errors committed during the study. All of them, even if they weren't done on purpose (maybe! ), had terrible effects.

In Mind Over Murder, we learn about the six people who were found guilty of raping and killing Helen Wilson in Beatrice, Nebraska, in 1985. The six defendants were forced to plead guilt as part of the plea agreements that led to the convictions. DNA analysis ultimately revealed a completely different reality, though.

But not until several decades later. And it seems nearly impossible to convince residents of a small community to change their opinions about someone who has been found guilty of murder after admitting guilt.

However, as an outsider watching this documentary, it can be difficult to not notice something is odd when you see the police questioning the suspects. The interview is stopped on the video whenever a suspect provides an explanation that doesn't exactly line up with the circumstantial evidence (or details provided by eyewitnesses).

When the suspects' interrogation is restarted, they suddenly recall events extremely differently. Now, their claim accords with the facts exactly.

Additionally, these suspects have tapes on which they retract what they finally said. Mostly because it appears like they are beginning to realize that they are in serious difficulty. The suspects claim that they were warned they would receive the death penalty. Obviously, that makes you want to cooperate and get a very reduced sentence.

Facts versus emotions

In the end, the choice between accepting the facts and following your feelings comes down to Mind Over Murder. The family of Helen Wilson, who was murdered, understandably finds it difficult to believe that people who admitted to killing her would not have actually done it.

The fundamental issue is that none of the six people can be positively identified at the crime site based on any physical evidence. However, there is a ton of DNA evidence that suggests someone else was present.

Additionally, this case was solved in a somewhat mystical way several years after the murder. The case has been rapidly going cold in the meanwhile. Everything began with one witness, and it developed from there.

However, it still isn’t that simple since things continue to change and evolve throughout the Mind Over Matter docuseries. It’s a crazy rollercoaster of facts and emotions.

Watch Mind Over Murder on HBO

Nanfu Wang is the documentarist behind this amazing and truly jaw-dropping HBO docuseries. Previously, Nanfu Wang also directed the documentary One Child Nation (2019) and the HBO Max documentary In the Same Breath (2021).

This is one of the most intense and grotesque cases I can remember having seen. Most of the convicted 5 are part of this docuseries. And sure, they may not be people who never get into trouble prior to the 1985 murder of Helen Wilson. However, this should never mean that they have to pay for something they didn’t do.

Especially since the actual perpetrator should be punished. In many ways, Mind Over Murder reminded me of Making a Murderer. Both in terms of the “techniques” used to question suspects and the fact that once you’re sentenced, it’s almost impossible to fight back.

Even checking DNA takes years. And once the DNA doesn’t match those imprisoned, it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily innocent. Well, that’s the thinking anyway, so they stay put in prison.

Mind Over Murder premieres with episode 1 on HBO and HBO Max on June 20, 2022. The five remaining episodes are released weekly..

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