Watch Blasted (2022) – Netflix Review And Mp4 Trailer

Watch Blasted (2022) – Netflix Review And Mp4 Trailer

BLASTED is a brand-new Norwegian film on Netflix (original title: Blasted - Gutta vs. Aliens). With sci-fi, action, and comedy to move the plot forward, it's quite the genre mashup. The stunning backdrop is a little town in a Norwegian valley where weird lights have been seen for decades.

You'll recognize a couple of the actors if you've seen some of the more well-known Norwegian shows from the last few decades. Overall, I thought this movie was quite endearing and never dull. However, it is very wordy and could have easily been shorter to convey the essentially straightforward plot.

The casting is not one of the problems with this new Norwegian Netflix film's problems. Personally, I enjoyed seeing Ingrid Bols Berdal because she is one of the iconic death girls in Norwegian horror films. You should watch the first two Cold Prey films, which are starring her and are officially titled Fritt Vilt.

You may also be familiar with Ingrid Bols Berdal from the television series Westworld, where she portrayed "Armistice" (the character with the body and face tattoos of snakes) for a number of seasons. She also appeared in Witch Hunters (2013) and Hercules (2014), so there are many reasons she might be well-known to you.

However, Ingrid Bols Berdal, the heavily pregnant local police officer with large glasses and a lot of hair, is hardly recognizable. She is, as always, quite the badass and ready to save the day.

André Srum may be familiar to you if you've watched the Netflix vampire series Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes. You really ought to watch that particular Netflix series if you haven't already.

Overall, Blasted contains few faces that you will likely recognize. Just be aware that it also isn't particularly important. The performances are excellent, and the production value is outstanding with a clear sense of style throughout.

I typically enjoy a lot of movies when buddies plot something somewhat routine but wind up doing something insane. Hell, I even enjoy it when people are just living their regular lives when something bizarre occurs. Anything from Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse to Shaun of the Dead. Perhaps a series like The Wilds or Yellowjackets.

These films typically feature teenagers or young adults as the main characters. People who are still attempting to define their identities, as well as the types of people they wish to associate with. That is precisely the plot core of Blasted, which I find entertaining.

I adore all of the aforementioned films and television shows for their clever themes, but Blasted falls short in that regard. My favorite films and television shows either concentrate on gory horror and [very vulgar and dark] comedy, or they go completely dark and nasty with drama mixed with thriller or horror.

Now that you mention it, Blasted is different from the other movies described in that it is more of a sci-fi action-comedy. I'm still having trouble identifying the target audience, though. Blood is scarce—if present at all. Additionally, the humor isn't nearly obscene or sinister enough to appeal to young adults. Alternatively, the "older" portion of the teenage group.

Watch Blasted on Netflix now!

Martin Sofiedal is the director of the new Norwegian Netflix sci-fi movie Blasted with the screenplay written by Emanuel Nordrum. This is the first feature film screenplay produced by Emanuel Nordrum and while the core story is strong enough, it could’ve been better with some more editing of side stories.

Director Martin Sofiedal has made quite a few short films and a few feature film-length productions prior to Blasted. However, this is only his second “real” feature film after Benjamin Falck and the Ghost Dagger (2019). I’m ready for more from both this writer and director due to the heart and soul (along with the strong action and comedy parts).

However, at 1 hour and 54 minutes, it is definitely too long. Still, do be sure to stick around to get the end-credit scene. Whenever Netflix doesn’t automatically send you to the next movie or series, you know there’s more to come. Blasted is no exception and it’s an extra scene that even hints at a possible sequel.

Blasted is out on Netflix worldwide from June 28, 2022..

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