Konga Warns Against Scammers Exploiting Its Name To Scam People (See The Fake Website They Are Using)


Konga Warns Against Scammers Exploiting Its Name To Scam People (See The Fake Website They Are Using)

The administration of Konga, the top composite e-commerce company in Nigeria, has expressed concern about the actions of alleged fraudsters who may be using its name to defraud unwary consumers. The business issued a warning to the general public and its clients to be on the lookout for these dishonest con artists' tricks.

The warning follows reports that some people have recently been the targets of scammers.

Notably, Konga claims to have reported a malicious website  https://kongahome.com/ that fraudsters are using to defraud their victims after deceiving them into paying into a falsified merchant account in exchange for a task, VIP treatment, or other incentives.

Investigations also show that the fraudsters frequently send fake letters to their victims claiming to be from the Philippine National Bank and also use the Konga logo on some of those letters.

In a statement, Konga urged the general public to be extra cautious to avoid falling victim to these trickery and to report any suspicious activity using the company's legitimate customer service channels.

‘‘We have recently been made aware of a few incidents where suspected scammers attempt to leverage our reputation and the trust reposed in us by our customers to carry out various fraudulent activities. Please, keep your eyes open and beware of scammers and their antics.  Konga will NEVER ask you to pay money into any merchant account. There is no such thing as Merchant Task payment or VIP in Konga.  

Also, we are currently not having a 9th Anniversary Sale, as touted by some of these scammers. Konga is 10 this year and we are celebrating our customers with a 10th Anniversary Sale. This campaign kicked off on Monday, June 27 and will run through July 10, 2022 exclusively on our platforms.

“Please note that our only official website is www.konga.com and news or updates on any of our promotions or special offers/incentives/freebies for customers will be shared via our website and our social media pages. Our social media handle is @shopkonga on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, while for LinkedIn, it is Konga Group.

‘‘Please, do not hesitate to report any fraudulent or suspicious activities through our official customer care channels. You can send us an email at help@konga.com. Call us on 07080635700, 08094605555, 018883435 or send us a WhatsApp message via https://wa.me/2348094605555.  

“We remain committed to our mission of creating a trusted and vibrant retail ecosystem that facilitates trade across Africa, while living up to our status as the e-commerce group you trust,’’ the disclaimer read in part,” the company stated.

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