Before the Robots take your jobs, take theirs

Before the Robots take your jobs, take theirs

It's no longer news about robots taking our employment. It's already taking place. Many industries have discovered a superior substitute for human workers thanks to sophisticated computer automation applications.

These automated systems or robots are capable of handling a variety of challenging duties faster and more effectively than traditional employees. In addition, they complete the work without asking for breaks or expressing exhaustion.

Millions of jobs will be replaced as more and more tasks are mechanized. It is crucial to understand that many of the tasks for which our youngsters are currently training and studying will eventually be performed by robots.

Some have recommended that the technology revolution be stopped in order to avoid these unpleasant effects, but it will continue. Although the robot takeover is unavoidable, it also presents a plethora of options. These robots will first be created by humans through design and construction. In addition, contrary to what many sci-fi films suggest, they could not be able to upgrade and repair themselves; instead, humans would have to do so.

Therefore, instead of simply eliminating employment, robots will create entirely new ones. This fresh chance is the inspiration for the Robotics Africa project. It is time to use robotics and artificial intelligence to prepare our education, especially that of our children, for the future so that we can benefit from a future that is now here.

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