5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Choosing France For Your Studies

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Choosing France For Your Studies

 For a variety of reasons, France is an excellent location for graduate and undergraduate studies.

In addition to being a stunning nation with a stunning capital in Paris, it also has other features that make it fantastic for international students.

France's first virtue is that it is less industrialized than other nations. Due to the language barrier, most Nigerians apply to institutions in the UK, Canada, and the US but rarely to France; yet, the French educational system accepts English speakers.

You can apply for an English-taught program in France, and such programs would be entirely taught in English.

The chance to acquire a new language is the second benefit of living in France. The ability to speak French is an added advantage and is not only fantastic for one's resume but also great for forming relationships with others and even for making extra money. French is a major language in the globe.

The third best thing of learning French is that you can apply to study in France with the assistance of an organized system and community in Nigeria.

There are Alliance Francais locations where the Campus France is located in major Nigerian cities including Lagos and Abuja. Additionally, interested applicants can go there to ask questions and receive proper instructions on how to submit their applications without the need for agents.

You can interact with former Nigerian students in France through Campus France and learn from their experiences as they negotiate their own application process

The existence of an alternative educational system, which is largely exclusive to France while other nations only provide part-time, full-time, or online learning classes, is the fourth factor. All of these are available in France, along with an alternate educational system.

There are also a lot of scholarships available for students and many universities in France make the list among the top universities in the world. Some of the universities that still offer National fees are

University of Paris Saclay

University of Rennes

Universite of Paris

University of Toulouse

More research would unveil more universities. Goodluck.


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