FAAJI's Declaration Of Ambition To Run For Unilorin SU President (See Details)


FAAJI's Declaration Of Ambition To Run For Unilorin SU President (See Details)


Let me begin by taking a sip from the cup of wisdom of Mahatma Gandi when he said  “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Fellow UNILORITEs, in the last two years, the world witnessed unprecedented changes which affected both our private and our social lives. Economies all over the world were negatively impacted while academics was a monumental victim. Due to the dreadful pandemic otherwise known as COVID 19, What was known as a stable calendar stumbled, research was disrupted, courses that ought to be four years became five and those which ought to be five years became six.  Academic convocations which we often celebrated with enormous joy and funfair amidst friends and family were celebrated almost like a burial. In some places, there was no celebration at all.

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However, as our great citadel of learning (The University of Ilorin) and all others across the world has now decided to charge forward, what is ahead of us is more critical than what is behind us. Fellow UNILORITEs, our union has never passionately yearned for a more vibrant, visionary, and purposeful leadership like this before. This is the time for us to put the right peg in the right hole. 

Dearest colleagues, it is on this note that I declare my intention to run for the office of the STUDENTS' UNION PRESIDENT, University of Ilorin. 

I must say that personal ambition does not drive me in this regard. It is my unyielding commitment to serve the students of the better by far university. It is my objective decision to submit myself to the service of others. 

While I consider this declaration as an honor for me, I hereby call upon you my brothers and my sisters, family and associates to join me in this quest. From the faculty of ARTS to the faculty of AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, to the faculty of LAW and SOCIAL SCIENCES. From faculty of ENGINEERING to the faculty of EDUCATION. From the faculty of LIFE SCIENCES to the faculty of PHYSICAL SCIENCES. From the faculty of PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES to the faculty of VETERINARY MEDICINE. From faculty of BASIC MEDICAL SCIENCES to CLINICAL SCIENCES. From the faculty of MANAGEMENT SCIENCES to the faculty of COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION SCIENCES as well as the faculty of ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES. 

As I embark on this journey, I know how tedious it could be. Therefore I humbly seek for your love, I humbly seek for your support. In return, I promise to give you a vibrant and all-inclusive union. I promise to give you a charismatic representation. 

Fellow UNILORITES, to achieve this, I present to you the FTB DREAMS, THE FAJI TOBILOBA DREAM. This dream is one of inclusiveness, one of united activism, and active participation. The FTB Dream has embedded genuine altruism, with an unselfish regard for the all-round welfare of all Unilorites. The FTB DREAM COMES with the understanding that one is not defined by identity, but by ability, sympathy, connection, and solidarity. The FTB dream is a full package coming with enhanced welfarism for students and a mechanism to protect the dignity and privileges of the students of the better by far university. 

As a Union saddled with the responsibility of serving the interests of Unilorites, I believe it is imperative to consolidate the efforts and achievements of our predecessors particularly in the areas of transportation, security, sports, entertainment, health care, digitalization, intellectual capacity, and welfare packages.

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The essential need to these are some of the realities we are going to face in the year ahead, and it is in full consciousness and recognition of these that I am presenting myself to be given an opportunity to serve and to lead a team that will provide solutions to our common problems. 

If I am elected, I will adhere strictly to the rules and regulations as enshrined in the students’ union constitution and the university codes of conduct in the pursuit of our cardinal programs which will be outlined in our manifesto and spelt out in our policy papers.

With all sense of humility and purpose, I appeal to all Unilorites irrespective of the differences in sex, religion, ethnicity, origin, political affiliations, faculty, and departments, to join hands with us in the work to inclusively develop our union and improve our general welfare as students. 

Lastly dearest colleagues, a popular African proverb goes thus; 'If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, then go together. It is on this note that I appeal to you to walk with me on this journey.  As Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia had said in the battle of Adowa against the Italians "Those who are strong, please give me your strength, those who are weak, please help me with prayer". Today I FAJI TOBILOBA seek for your strength and I seek for your prayer. 

Once again, my name is FAJI TOBILOBA, an aspiring candidate for the office of the student union President, University of Ilorin. Thank you for your time. Interesting moment lies ahead. 

Long live Students’ Union!

Long live the University of Ilorin!

Long live Nigeria. 

Thank you. 


Presidential Aspirant

2021/2022 Academic Session.






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