Any Free Blemish Candidate Among Youths For 2023 Presidency?


Any Free Blemish Candidate Among Youths For 2023 Presidency?

Here's curated opinion by Orionframe Editor in Chief, in response to Igwebuike's statement that read;

"Those who have stolen Nigeria dry are same people that are about to end Nigeria.

My insight is that After 2023 general elections, Youths will take to the Streets of Nigeria for protests against unemployment, tariff hike in electricity, fuel subsidy, justice for this and that, no leadership structure that is ripe and serious to challenge the status quo.

In a country like this, Elders believes in Robert Michael's ion law of oligarchy, which contends that organizational Democracy is an oxymoron.

Powerful Influentials controls Democracy, the powerful Influentials are those who have declared interest so far to run. they derives power from the very organization of society itself.

A dream is not a dream, inasmuch is just a mouth talk. the practical aspect of aspiration is not just only media cacophony, but grassroot mobilisation, this has seldomly turned many young politicians in Nigeria to belongs into the coral of political orphanage in the bedrock of power, replicating single formula and thereby eying diplomatic stratagem that saw a leftist, former student activist winning Chilean Presidential Election, Gabriel Boric who came out victoriously against a popular Jose Antonio  Kast.

Albiet power of incumbency, Bobi Wine moved bomber to vender and toughened the game for Yoweri Museveni, a long term serving president of Uganda.

It never too late planning for grassroot struggle, even though it may take terms to end the usual alibis and at the same time be a correction that right the wrong and end the bitter controversies ever experienced since the Advent of Democracy in Nigeria and to also have the love of the country at heart.

Nigerian politics for high rank offices does not necessarily has anything to do with your eloquence, it's vote that counts, that fact should be recognized, you can be famous online and nowhere to be found on ballot papers, irrespective of how you play your game, if you don't have the number, you don't have a seat number.

If talking about corrupt candidates, sponsoring media against those who mean business is the dialy routine, as they 'candidates' embark upon consultations to where vote could be garnered, they are fully in the field and am candid sure they should be able to defend thesis about Politics far better than a professor who is just an intellectual Peeping Tom.

Excerpted By;

Abioye Tosin Lawrence, Sunday, January 16, 2022.

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