APPLY: KidsRights International Children's Peace Prize for Young Changemakers in 2022

APPLY: KidsRights International Children's Peace Prize for Young Changemakers in 2022
APPLY: KidsRights International Children's Peace Prize for Young Changemakers in 2022

 Every year, KidsRights awards the famous International Children's Peace Prize on a kid who bravely advocates for children's rights.

The "Nkosi" sculpture, which depicts a kid who sets the world in motion, has been awarded a study and care grant to help the youngster further his or her education.

A € 100,000 project money, which will be invested by KidsRights in relevant children's rights projects related to the winner's field of activity.


Host: KidsRights 

Category: Secondary School Scholarships |  Undergraduate Scholarships  | Competitions 

Age: 12-17 years

Eligible Countries: All Countries 

Reward: Full Scholarship | € 100.000 Project Fund

Deadline: March 1, 2022


Furthermore, receiving the International Children's Peace Prize provides a global platform for the recipient to promote their efforts. The message of Nav and Vhiaan, the 2021 winners, for example, reached 3.5 billion people throughout the world!

The KidsRights Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting and advocating for children around the world. It is situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Marc Dullaert and Inge Ikink started the fund in 2003.


The nomination requirements are the following:

Any person above the age of 18 or an organization can nominate a child

The child must be between the age of 12 and 17 by the time of the nomination deadline

The child can be from any country in the world

The child must have a demonstrable history of standing up and fighting for the rights of children, including himself or herself

The child needs to be able to travel abroad and feel comfortable communicating with other people

The child agrees to being nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize

Duration and Reward

The winner receives:

The “Nkosi” statuette which depicts a child that sets the world in motion

A study and care grant to enable the child to obtain an education

A project fund of € 100.000, which is invested by KidsRights in relevant children’s rights projects that are closely connected to the winner’s area of work

Nomination process

The powerful and heartening stories of all the nominees will be posted on our website, and some of them will also be posted on our social media platforms (with the authorization of the parents/guardians). This way, we aim to create a buzz for children’s rights and to inspire as many people as possible! Please, click here to find the 2021 nominees’ stories.

If you have any questions or comments, please read the FAQ or contact us by replying to this email. Together we can change the world!

Method of Application

Interested and qualified applicants should apply using the link below.

Deadline: March 1, 2022

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