Run On episode 6 mp4 recap – this k-drama series has no spark so far

Run On episode 6 mp4 recap – this k-drama series has no spark so far
Run On episode 6


The opening
Episode 6 begins with Ki Seon-gyeom readying for the day, but then he gives up and goes back to bed — he spends the day staying in and not responding to anyone. Dan-ah reads the latest article that was translated by Oh Mi-joo. The article spreads to the athletic team, with everyone on edge. The athletics board discuss Woo-sik and give Ki Seon-gyeom a 6-month suspension. He wonders whether or not this is the right punishment and if he’s receiving favourable treatment. He believes he should be punished further, but he sees himself as unemployed — he’s officially retired. He’s making a stand and ready to plunge into a new life.

The courage not to face Ki Seon-gyeom
Ki Seon-gyeom rings Woo-sik and tells him everything is sorted, but Woo-sik doesn’t feel he has the courage to talk to him. Woo-sik feels guilty, but he did the right thing — it goes to show how suppressive the athletics association is.

Dan-ah is bugging Ki Seon-gyeom
Oh Mi-joo is still bothered that Dan-ah told her that Ki Seon-gyeom is the last woman he liked. Dan-ah takes pride that she’s bothered after a brief conversation.

Ki Seon-gyeom meets with Dan-ah; Eun-bi has signed with her, and she gives him the cancellation of his contract. Ki Seon-gyeom reveals he has retired as an athlete and that she is no longer his agent. Dan-ah starts flirting with Ki Seon-gyeom, believing that he will have nowhere to stay — Oh Mi-joo is nearby. Both women then intervene in Ki Seon-gyeom’s life and give him multiple advice — it becomes a competition. Afterwards, Oh Mi-joo asks Dan-ah if she likes toying with people’s lives. Although this is imagined as a love triangle, there’s no way Dan-ah genuinely feels she will be worming her way into Ki Seon-gyeom’s life romantically — she comes across as a wind-up merchant.

An offer to stay
Oh Mi-joo tells May that she’s worried about Ki Seon-gyeom and where he will live next. May asks Ki Seon-gyeom if he’d like to stay at their house for a few days. However, he rejects the idea and explains that he will find a new hotel. Ki Seon-gyeom reflects on where he is in life. He visits the student-athletes, and the school asks him to return and coach; the article has worked in his favour. Ki Seon-gyeom offers to find a coach for them — the same coach that trained him when younger — Ms Bang. However, no-one knows where she lives anymore.

Giving in
In the middle of the night, Oh Mi-joo and Ki Seon-gyeom meet each other. Ki Seon-gyeom asks if he can stay at her place for a few days. He’s relieved his stubbornness and decided to accept their offer. Oh Mi-joo lunges straight into hospitality mode. Ki Seon-gyeom is surprised that he doesn’t have his own bedroom and has to sleep in the living room — from wealthy to the bottom! Bet this felt like whiplash for him. The next morning, Ki Seon-gyeom goes for a run, which is significant; his mood has drastically improved.

Learning each other’s skills
When Ki Seon-gyeom returns to the house, Oh Mi-joo shows him her process of translating content. Ki Seon-gyeom admits he is struggling to adjust to a jobless lifestyle. The next day, Oh Mi-joo joins Ki Seon-gyeom for a jog — she wants to experience what a day is like for him. During the jog, she’s immediately exhausted. The retired athlete gives her running and breathing techniques. Oh Mi-joo enjoys her run.

Painting talk
Dan-ah asks Yeong-hwa to sell a painting to him that she found in a cafe. He wonders why she’s interested in his paintings, and rejects her offer. Dan-ah offers to put his painting in the Seomyung Art Museum, which changes the negotiation.

The ending
At the episodes enters the final minutes, Ki Seon-gyeom looks for Ms Bang. Oh Mi-joo finds her and brings her to Ki Seon-gyeom. She lives on the outskirts of the city, and enjoys farming. Ki Seon-gyeom.and Ms Bang catch up. He asks her about the track and field coach position at the school and tries selling it. Ms Bang isn’t interested and gets frustrated as he pushes the conversation. Oh Mi-joo gets drunk quickly and softens the conversation — she asks Ms Bang why she doesn’t want to coach again. Ki Seon-gyeom has to grab Oh Mi-joo and take her outside — she throws up.

Ki Seon-gyeom wants to find a bed and breakfast for Oh Mi-joo as she’s very drunk. As he walks off, she grabs his hand and tells him not to leave her side. She admits she helped Ki Seon-gyeom because she wanted to see him more. Their friendship only seems to intensify after a few drinks…so far.

There’s a story here, but Run On episode 6 lacks the spark and becomes another dull-fest. There’s a real issue with this k-drama series — it fails to excite, and many plot points stagnate very quickly.

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