Lupin Season 1 Mp4 Review – A crime series that leads the viewer down many paths

Lupin Season 1 Mp4 Review – A crime series that leads the viewer down many paths


One of the great strengths of Netflix’s Lupin is how it entices the viewer down one path, to then strip it away and surprise with an entirely new outlook. It’s laced in mystery, and the lead character is persistently attempting to throw the audience off.

At times, the curveballs are flagrantly unbelievable and require a suspension of disbelief, but this Netflix series’s entertainment value cannot be questioned; 2021 gets off to a good start with a binge-worthy crime thriller.

The story follows Assane in Paris, a man that has put plans together to pull off a heist to steal the Queen’s Necklace once worn by Queen Marie Antoinette. The opening episode is a maze of plans merging; seeing the character deceives acquaintances but also throws off the audience.

It’s a brilliant opening chapter and one that forms the core for the remaining four episodes. This bite-sized season is a breath of fresh air and demonstrates that series’ do not require to be 12 episodes long to be effective.

There’s a strong emotional pull in Lupin — Assane bases his objectives on the famous tales of Arsène Lupin, a fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise created in 1905 by French writer Maurice Leblanc.

He’s got a strong childhood mystery linked to the story that derives from his relationship with his father — that’s the driver behind the story, and once we learn the reasons for his heist, it all becomes clear that he’s not a thief for the sake of it. Assane is an interesting character that inflicts charm on everyone — his mastery of trickery is half done by vibe, making it a fun experience.

The one criticism is that Lupin season 1 stagnates on some intricate plot points that cripples some episodes. Rather than taking two steps to get to the answer, it will take a range of menial steps that are unnecessary to the viewer.

The series performs better when it does not try to overcomplicate the idea and focuses on the character. Assane is a likable, addictive person to watch, and he exudes class. The series should focus on that rather than trying to be too clever.

But that’s where the criticism ends — the French series is a surprise hit to start the year; bringing an outrageous heist and a character doing his earnest best to uncover the truth — it’s an easily selling series that will resonate with audiences.

This review of Netflix’s Lupin season 1 contains no spoilers. The series will be released on the streaming service on January 8, 2021.

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